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Editor and Director – Kate Feld

Kate Feld set up The Real Story in 2011. She writes essays, poetry and short fiction. Her work has appeared in journals and anthologies including Minor Literature[s], Neon, Caught by the River, Banshee and Entropy, and is forthcoming in The Lonely Crowd. She lives in Manchester, UK, where she is an Associate Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Salford and works for Manchester Literature Festival. She tweets at @katefeld and maintains a small establishment on the internet here: katefeld.comManaging Editor – Adam Farrer

Adam Farrer is a humorist, short story writer and spoken word performer based in Manchester. His work can be found at BBC Online, This Is Not TV, The MagPi, The Drabble, Squawk Back, MacGuffin, Flashflood and on the Tapes & Tales podcast. He tweets as @TheUnsmokedPipe and occasionally updates a blog, AdamFarrer.co.uk

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